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Hello, welcome!

We warmly welcome you to our humble little dojo called Kawagishi. Here we study the ancient art of the samurai.
Our tranquil dojo is situated in the South West of beautiful Cornwall.

We study the Japanese art of iaido (居合道).
The word “iaido” is believed to be from the following sentence: 常に居て、急に合わす (tsune ni ite, kyuu ni awasu).
It is very roughly translated to “Being constantly (prepared), match/meet (the opposition) immediately”.

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Our passion is to teach you

At Kawagishi, our passion is the art of iaido, and we’re very passionate about sharing our knowledge with others.
We have an individual teaching approach.
This means that we adapt our teaching style to suit you.

We hold training sessions every Sunday at 0900.

For more detailed information, please see here: Training

Kawagishi Dojo David Collins iaido Cornwall tsuka rebind


If you have any queries, comments or questions, then please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at:

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The best way to know more is by paying us a little visit. We’re a friendly family; you’re very welcome to visit at any time
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