An Introduction

Iaido is “the art of drawing the sword”, and was first developed as a means of gaining an advantage in combat over opponents before they could draw their sword. Today, the object of iaido is to develop one’s mind, body and spirit. The emphasis is on developing the ability to remain calm and in control, especially when under pressure or facing a difficult situation.

The early forms of iaido were primarily concerned more with combat than morals and disciplines. In more modern forms of iaido the emphasis is towards discipline and moral strength, but combat training with a sword is no longer generally relevant in todays world.
The skills honed over hundreds of years are appreciated for their aesthetic form, based as they are on the most clinical, practical and efficient use of the weapon.
Today, we strive to develop other qualities relevant to modern society, as part of a self development process.
There is no “real enemy” in todays iaido training, only the fighting of the enemy within, as we strive to develop ourselves and follow the code of honour and morals of the Japanese samurai, known as Bushido.